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PicaSafe - way to encrypt my photo album  

Wanna hide that naughty photos away from the curious eye?
Try PicaSafe!

There are hundreds of ways to hide your private photos on the computer but only one of them is really safe.
Protect your collections of digital photos with PicaSafe!
Keep. Watch. Hide. Only you control who can see your pictures.

Platform: MS Windows XP / Vista / 7
Version: 2.0 (build 213)
Size: 2.5 MB
Date: June 18, 2009
Price: $35 USD Free
Languages: English, Spanish, Russian
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    PicaSafe Download Free

    7 Reasons to Pick PicaSafe

    Store, Hide and Display Pictures

    PicaSafe puts images into an executable file, protecting them with a password

    PicaSafe replaces three separate applications to store, view and protect digital pictures, making it easy and convenient to locate, hide and view digital images and create protected photo albums. Sending a photo to a friend yet worrying it'll be viewed by the strangers? Email a single encrypted PicaSafe executable file that contains the album and the viewing application. Tell your password to the friend over the phone for ultimate security. Clearly, PicaSafe is an ideal digital photo tool!


    Never Lose a Picture

    Nobody can view your files even if they steal the album

    Your private photos are stored securely encrypted in PicaSafe. Your computer can get stolen or compromised, but your digital photo albums will remain secure. They'll need a military-grade supercomputer and decades of work to unlock the 448-bit encryption used in PicaSafe.

    Hide Private Photos without a Trace

    PicaSafe hides pictures in digital photo albums. No one can access your pictures or even guess they are there without the right password

    PicaSafe is much like a suitcase with a false bottom. Anyone can Run the program and enjoy the pictures that you decided to make publicly available. But enter a password, and you'll immediately get access to another hidden set of pictures.


    You Decide Who Can See What

    Show only what you'd like to show

    PicaSafe is your friend helping you hide your private pictures. Each album can be protected with a password, demonstrating only those pictures that are unlocked with a particular password.

    Confuse Strangers

    Let others believe they've seen all of your pictures!

    What would you do if you are forced to show your photo albums? With PicaSafe, you can create a false digital photo album protected with a false password. If you are forced to enter a password, just type the false one to display the harmless photo album instead of the really private stuff.


    PicaSafe Is Always with You

    Got a flash memory drive? PicaSafe runs from anywhere!

    PicaSafe runs on the go just as easily as from a desktop PC. Install it to a flash memory drive and bring it with you to show, print or create protected digital photo albums on any computer, with or without PicaSafe installed. Rest assured that no trace of your private images will be left on the guest PC!

    Keep Originals

    Digital pictures are stored in their original size, quality and format

    PicaSafe does not alter your digital photos. The original size, quality and type of every file remains the same. Copy, transfer or email images in their original format and quality.

    PicaSafe: Free Photo Album Download PicaSafe: Free Photo Album Download

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