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How to Make a Photo Album

Making a Secure Photo Album

Making an ordinary photo album is easy. Hiding it from the curious eye is the real issue. So how do you make a secure photo album that is safe from a curious viewer?

PicaSafe helps you make a photo album that is securely protected against anyone but you. Featuring strong protection combined with unprecedented ease of creation and use of protected photo albums, PicaSafe fits the task ideally. Without a password, no one will be able to access your photo albums. You can even create an alternative photo album to show it to those who enter the wrong password!

How to Make a Secure Photo Album with PicaSafe

Creating a photo album with PicaSafe is easy as pie. Download and install PicaSafe and run it from the Start menu. Select pictures you want to include in the photo album you are about to make, and click Create as shown on the screen shot:

How to Make a Secure Photo Album with PicaSafe

PicaSafe makes a photo album that is self-contained and securely protected against the curious eye. The pictures in the photo album are encrypted with a strong encryption algorithm that takes several years of hard breaking with today's supercomputers to unlock without the right password.

How to Use a PicaSafe Photo Album

If there is anything simpler than making a photo album it's using it. PicaSafe creates an executable file that contains encrypted pictures inside. Simply run the file and enter your password to view your photo album! You can view, print or save pictures from the photo album made with PicaSafe at any time. There is no need to have PicaSafe installed to view a PicaSafe photo album. Just save one to a flash card and bring it to friends or family to show your pictures leaving no trace of them on the computer used for the presentation.

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